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"Over a cup of coffee" invokes self-reflection in readers

Mount Prospect, IL - 8th August, 2013 - The debut book by Urmi Trivedi is a welcome change, with short chapters to include prose and poetry. The book takes us through a spiritual and intimate journey with the author and is almost like reading a diary.

The chapters like “Why not me?”, “The Bumblebee flies anyways” and “You Attitude” lead us to contemplation. The book has inbuilt humor as we look at human nature in chapters like “Old Man’s syndrome”. The best piece about the book is the poetry, truly inspiring.

As one reader quotes “Each chapter has deep emotions woven into words as if it were self-analysis”. Others have called it “Insightful” and “Thought-provoking”.

The language is the book is sometimes too simple. Also, not all the questions are answered in the chapters and leaves us desiring more.

All in all, the book selling at just $7 at Amazon, is worth a read.

Urmi Trivedi, is a professional mom and author by hobby and is settled in Mount Prospect, IL.

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