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Best Day Ever

The credit of this topic goes to my 5 year old Ashna. Summers are a lot of fun for her. She enjoys playing out till late, especially with the scooter and on splash pad. These days I hear her say “I had the best day ever”. It sure doesn’t take much to please little kids! As the saying goes “Enjoy today as this is the only time you will get to live it”.

I have a lot to learn from this. Everyday could be the “best day” in some aspects. Either, our expectations are too high for the best day ever or we haven’t really defined our best day ever or we have an attitude of finding faults. I have often heard people say “it was a wonderful day but it was too hot”. Why can’t we just stop at “it was a wonderful day”. Let’s think what will our best day look like? It it that lazy day spent on a beach enjoying nature’s magnanimous style? Is it spending time with our most loved ones and talking about life experiences? Is it connecting to the divine in a way that we haven’t experienced before?

I enjoy asking myself – how am I feeling at this moment? Do I say I am feeling blissful, anxious, tired, joyful or grateful? These help reflect my state of mind. I hope I can correct it to make that moment the best moment ever!

Yesterday I had the best day ever. It was the weekend. I and Ashna slept in. On waking up I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and toast with my husband Pranav. Then we all played in the water and I got some “my time” to be centered. I made one of my favorite meals, relished it and food coma set in. Post that, we went shopping, enjoyed the summer sun, spent some time with friends and at night watched “Brooklyn” a beautiful thought inspiring movie. It was a wonderful day!

Is today going to be the best day ever? Rather am I going to make today the best day ever?

A heartfelt laugh

A tight hug

It’s the best day ever

A quiet walk

A melodious tune

It’s the best day ever

A hot cup of coffee

Ready and served

It’s the best day ever

A long talk

And lightened heart

It’s the best day ever

A naughty smile

Playful mischief’s

It’s the best day ever


And a connection

It’s the best day ever

A few tender moments

Summing up

To the best day ever


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