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Clear the Clouds

The thought of this topic came from a Qigong exercise. It’s like a breast stroke move. The intention behind it is ‘Clearing the Clouds’ implies moving with purpose towards your goal. It also implies clearing the fog, the doubt and the fear in our minds.

I find this concept quite strong. I feel we all face decisions every day. I also feel our decision making is quicker and clearer in some cases vs others. I believe I am a good decision maker. I can choose my food, my car and my time quite nicely. However when it comes to picking out what to wear, I flounder. I can choose something to wear before I go to shower (which process took 10 min) and as I come out I want to wear something different! I guess the sun is not yet out to clear these clouds!

Clearing the clouds takes time and intent. I think it works best when we are clear about our purpose. In the case we had to make a decision about which car to buy. My intent was clear. I wanted a safer car with a good sound system to help listen to discourses at certain budget. I guess once we figure out our “non-negotiables” as my friend Sophy calls it, decision making is simpler.

I feel a big relief when the clouds clear and decision is made. Other than picking clothes, I believe once you make a decision don’t change it and don’t regret it. Live with it, atleast for a bit. I generally use 90 as a guiding number. 90 days to live with a decision. I believe living with the decision helps strengthen our will as also our trust in our own abilities to make decisions and live with them. However post certain time; we should check the decision with long term purpose and intent. To site an example, I had taken a job with the idea that I will learn how to manage a business. On day 3, my stomach churned as I realized it was not for me. I still stuck to it for 90 days and at day 120 I got a hang of it. I eventually excelled at it. However it still didn’t align with my long-term purpose of being centered. Post 2 years, I pushed to do something different. Thankfully it all worked out. The clouds are now clear and I know where and where not to focus my energy!

In case of picking my clothes, I am not clear on my purpose and intent. Rather, I have conflicting intents – some driven by ego. I want to be comfortable and look good; be centered and be chic. I guess, overtime I have to clear the clouds on this one too.

The sky is dark

Cloudy and gloomy

A gray day

It doesn’t rain

And it isn’t bright

A blue day

A sudden ray

And light all around

A changed day

He cleared the clouds

And made space

For the sun


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