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Cut it out!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The thought of this chapter is inspired by the serial “Full House” spoken by the character Joey. The thought is further built up by many books too, one of them being ‘The man who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. The crux is that if I begin my thought chain of blaming somebody, complaining or dwelling on something negative, I simply should “cut it out”. Don’t encourage it. Don’t let it grow. Consciously and cautiously let me “cut it out”.

As we may all have noticed, and I certainly have, negative thoughts are a rabbit hole. Whether its fear, whether its finding faults or whether its plain gossiping. At the end, I feel it leaves me with a lower mindset, a grumpy mindset. The key is “cut it out”. Its weird how both complaining and gratitude work and how they spread into everything. I start complaining about something little and very soon I find faults in everything – the sun is too hot, the traffic on the roads is too loud etc. Very soon it starts depicting itself on your demeanor. If instead, I foster the sense of gratitude, it develops and pretty soon I am thankful for everything – a new day, a nice warm day, activity depicted by traffic on the road and liveliness within.

A different thought is if you are feeling negative, be in the feeling and get out of it. It’s the opposite idea of “cut it out”. Somehow I can’t relate to that fully. “Cut it out” is what I feel is my mantra. As I catch myself grumbling, I focus on the mantra and try to dwell on happy thoughts. The more I “Cut it out”, the more I feel closer to my true self. Thanks Joey!

What’s on your “Cut it out” list?

Finger pointing



Cut it out!

Holding it on

And on

Greed and anger

Cut it out!


And lethargy

A dullness

Cut it out!

“I” am right there

Cut this veil out

And let me in

Let me in


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