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Ignorance and Innocence

This topic was inspired by my 3 year old Ashna. It has been a fun experience to see her grow, discover things and build her personality. Ashna like other children showcases innocence. Thinking about ignorance, I am not much into current affairs and recently in a conversation, I acknowledged my ignorance.

Innocence comes from a clean heart and a trusting nature. In innocence, we accept things as they seem. Funnily in innocence we are closer to Him. As we get “smarter” we start building barriers, bringing more of our rational selves in the picture – maybe being more ignorant. Does innocence at one point lead to ignorance?

Ignorance on the other hand is where we don’t know or where the intellect is not fast/ smart enough to grasp the meaning. It’s easier to fix the “we don’t know” part. It’s harder and takes more effort to push the intellect. The story that comes to mind is Panini. He became an excellent scholar in Sanskrit grammar and is known for multiple scriptures. However when he was young, he had a really hard time learning and memorizing verses. He was taunted and rebuked by his peers and teachers. At one point, he planned to commit suicide by jumping in the well. With God’s grace he saw some ladies pulling out water from a well. He noticed how the rope has created grooves in the well’s wall. He decided that if the wall can get grooves through repetition, his mind can too. With new enthusiasm he returned and overtime he become a world renowned scholar.

For innocence, I think of the verse, “Give me the pureness, clarity and transparency of glass, then I will imbibe Your name in my heart”

For ignorance, I remember Panini and also caution myself to be aware of my ignorance getting in the way of spiritual progress.


Ultimate trust



The Is


Not knowing

Not questioning

What is possible

I pray for

Child-like innocence

To Love Thee

Challenge the ignorance

To Know Thee


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