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Leave the driving to Greyhound

This line was phrased by my brother, Dr. Anurag, in one of our conversations on surrendering to Thy Will. It’s easier for us to accept someone else being on the driver’s seat when we are in a train or a plane. In a car though, I for sure, am a back-seat driver or I tend to hold the window sill as if that is really going to protect in case of a crash or a bham (as my little one calls it)

Leave the driving to Greyhound implies we surrender and we trust. We accept that He knows what’s best for us and we walk on the path without resisting or doubting. We let our will align to His will.

In Hindu scriptures we talk that God has two kind of children – one that are wise and that can take care of themselves and ones that are child-like and need Him to take care. For the wise children, God pays less attention. For the child-like ones, He is always there protecting and caring. From Pushti-marg Vaishnav mindset of servant or lover mentality we don’t want to be a further botheration to God. However we want and seriously want to feel His presence. Does that mean we should be like His wise children? Or can I be the child-like devotee without being annoying? Whatever type of devotee, I am at a moment, I need to remember to “leave the driving to Greyhound” and accept all that He has designed for me to experience.

You drive

And I’ll ride

Wherever you take me

Whenever you take me

However you take me

You drive

And I’ll ride

I know and

I trust

You know the path

And you know the destination

You drive

I’ll ride

I promise

Not to be a backseat driver

Not to question your judgment

I promise to accept

You drive

I’ll ride

In surrender

And in love


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