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Let your heart be light

It’s Christmas time! Radio station 93.9 Lite FM is bubbling with Christmas songs. One amongst them is “Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light” – inspiring this thought

Let your heart be light – such a simple line but such a profound statement. Let no worries, fears, stress, troubles, grudges, anger or hatred rule your heart and let your heart be light in its weight. I have started to think of this line as any stress starts creeping in. I keep saying to myself, let me not be drowned in this feeling – let my heart be light….let my heart be light.

Another interpretation – Let your heart be light – implying that I should brighten myself and others surrounding me. Let my heart be the Light and let me light others hearts and souls. It can be through simple things – a word of encouragement, a kind word, and acknowledgement of things well done or simply a smile.

As this Christmas day springs upon me, I promise to let my heart be light. Are you promising that too?

My heart


As a feather



Enjoying the wind

My heart

Lighting up

My path

And yours

A tiny nudge

Let my heart be light

Let my heart be light

Today and



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