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Love your neighbor but first love yourself

This thought was inspired from a rerun of Oprah Winfrey’s show. She was interviewing 3 young adults each addicted to plastic surgeries. The young woman, 28 years old, has had 23 plastic surgeries! A few nose jobs, lifting cheeks, liposuction of tummy, thighs, hands, and brow lift etc. Funnily she was pretty even before she got all the surgeries. Honestly she looked artificial – like a Barbie doll. She still didn’t like her reflection in the mirror. Hence the thought, “Love thy neighbor but first love yourself”.

The common theme amongst all those women addicted to plastic surgeries was exactly this – they kept seeing imperfections in their reflection. They were not able to accept their own selves. They were willing to go through the pain of surgery and recovery with the illusion that this one would get them back to being ‘ok’ with oneself.

It was quite surprising and sad. I took for granted that everyone loves at least their ownself. It’s easier, in my opinion, to love others and love thy neighbors if we start with ourselves. As Zoe Kravitz says “Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.

Most scriptures and saints talk about feeling the love for everybody as a stage of enlightenment. First you love yourself, then your neighbors, then the community, then the city, then the nation, and then the world…slowly your love expands to everybody!

I do believe loving yourself is important. Imagine else, we would be spending all our time doubting and criticizing ourselves. The caution is not to become a narcissist. The caution is also to have deep humility. Everything needs to be balanced!

In conclusion, I feel the first step is to love yourself. Let me not be fooled by my image or reflection and get into the tireless endeavor to perfect it. I will start with acceptance. One of these days, with deep humility, I hope to evolve to loving thy neighbor!

My reflection

Laughs at me

What have I done!

In the desire

To look good

I lost myself

I start again

With acceptance

I love me

I really love me

For what I am

With deep humility

I start

This journey

To expand my love

…to you

….to everybody

Searching and bowing

To the God

Within us



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