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Modes of Silence

I enjoy the quiet. I enjoy stillness. I enjoy hearing the rumblings in the background and being mindful of my words and voice. As I think of quiet, I have experienced different modes of silences and thought it would be fun to share.

The first mode of silence is contemplative silence. This is when I am totally engrossed in something, where creativity flows and thoughts shape up as concrete ideas. I am focused, contemplating while being silent.

The second mode of silence is grumpy silence. For me, it comes from some trigger or expectation not met. As that happens, I feel like going in my cocoon and let the grumpy feeling pass. As my closest ones know, it can take time. Another variant of this is defensive silence. This is when instead of responding we go in silent mode or totally ignore the question. I have experienced this specially in email communication.

The third mode of silence is quiet, meditative silence. This is when the mind or inner voice is totally quiet and we are taking in sounds of nature or of our breath. The soul is mindful, losing a sense of time. I have experienced that during meditation. This is an enhanced state of contemplative silence. I believe in this state we hear message from the Universe or our higher self.

The fourth mode of silence is listening silence. This is when I am attentive and listening. Trying to grasp a new concept, a different idea and learning.

The fifth mode of silence is enforced silence. A good example of this is when we are in the library. We are expected to be silent.

The sixth mode of silence is sad silence. This is experienced when we attend funerals and when word don’t seem enough to express our thoughts. Another variation of this is lonely silence. And sometimes there is painful silence.

The seventh mode of silence is awkward silence. I experience this when I am in networking events with strangers. It is when I need to make small talk and I run out of topics. It also happens to me when I don’t remember somebody whom I am supposed to remember! We end up in awkward silence!

The eighth mode of silence is understanding silence. I see that in soulmates or friends. It is as if words are not needed to communicate. The presence is simply enjoyed. In silence both activities and love flow.

The ninth mode of silence is when we can be silent in spite of talking or being busy in activities. This is what I have heard of. I believe that is how divine souls can continuously repeat God’s name. I have not been very successful in this. The environment still impacts my being. I hope someday I can experience this mode of silence too.

What modes of silence have you experienced?


The silence

And its modes

Moving from one

To another



To thyself and Him

I relish this quiet.


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