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No Big Deal

This topic was inspired by my husband Pranav. Let me paint the picture. I typically get up around 5-5.30am but I take my own sweet time to get ready usually by 7.30am. So on the days when I have an earlier business meeting, I get edgy. I start rushing things, becoming short and making it into a “big deal”. Pranav, on the other hand rolls with the flow. He has to take a 6am flight pretty regularly. He takes it easy after getting up at 3.30 am! He is calm and happy and it’s “no big deal”. I need to and am trying to learn that it’s “No big deal”!

My friend calls this a first world problem. She is so right that we make small things that can and should be ignored into this mammoth endeavor. It’s no big deal!

I often remember the story of this gentleman. His day didn’t start right. The alarm didn’t go off. He was late. Being edgy he spilled his coffee on himself. Finally as he got out of the house, he got stuck in traffic further delaying him. The anxious energy was rising high. Suddenly he saw the accident. That was what was delaying the traffic. And things came into perspective. He was alive. He was well. He had a nice family, a decent job and good health. Being late on one day was “No big deal!”

I remind myself to keep things in perspective, to count the blessings, to be grateful for all we have and let things go. It’s really “No big deal”.

“No big deal”

Is Pranav’s motto

“Let it go”

Is Ashna’s

“Be Happy”

Says my mom

“Laugh it out”

Is mine

“It doesn’t matter”

Reinforces my dad


Advices daddu

“Beat it”

Showcases Mumma

“It’s His desire”

Acknowledges my bro

“Accept the change”

Calls out sis-in-law


Says bro-in-law

“It’s all good”

Reminds my friend

“Live in Grace”

Guides the Guru

“Trust me”

Smiles my God


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