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Reset - Reboot - Reformat

The idea of this topic came from a podcast. The speaker was talking about how mentally pressing the reset button helps reset things. I tried it recently. I was having a hard time with a colleague at work and I mentally decided to press reset. I am making a strong effort to restart the relationship on a better and positive note. Reset concept is also helping me when I am stuck in a negative emotion. I tell myself to reset and it works!

Reboot - that to me implies new beginnings. That's when we choose a different profession, different location, a different life. We are rebooting ourselves to something new and exciting! For me, reboot was when I decided to quit my last job and finding something different. Another upcoming reboot will be moving to our new home. Reboot with the right attitude is sure fun!

Reformat is to fully start over - wiping all the memories of the past, cleaning up the junk and starting anew. For most of us in life it's at the time of death. Everything is gone and everything starts over. For some saints, it's when they take 'sanyas' where they willingly give up their past identity, take a new name, take a new lifestyle and work towards their highest goals. The soul is the same, like the hard disc, but everything else changes.

Where have you exercised Reset and Reboot?

I start over


Not bound by any past

Not hurt by any wounds

Forgetting it all

I start over


With a clean slate

To live life


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