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The Child's Wings

This topic was inspired from a dream. I dreamt that I and Pranav saw this beautiful butterfly at home. Not sure why, maybe to protect it or to ensure it doesn’t come in our way, we put it under a net. The butterfly was very wise and kept finding space between the net and the ground to escape. We gave up and let the butterfly out. It was raining outside and I felt as if some part of the butterfly died (maybe I held it too tightly as I let it fly?). I read into the dream in multiple ways and hence the topic “A Child’s wings”.

The first interpretation was Ashna, my daughter. It seems in our quest to protect her or to discipline her I may be limiting her. Recently our parenting style has become a combination of threats and bribes as we deal with her trying 3’s. It seems like each activity is a test of little one’s stubbornness vs her mom’s righteousness (hopefully!). I guess my dream was telling me to her more leeway and not impose rules upon her.

The other thought came to mind of holding the butterfly too tight and in turn harming it. I wonder if I am holding on to my career or certain thoughts too tightly and that limits me. With my daily awareness practice, I notice I like to jump to conclusions and being judgmental. I also need to continue to develop more compassion, tolerance and kindness.

Am I and are you holding things too tightly that are limiting? How can we let this butterfly enjoy its wings?

The Child’s wings

Still developing




Like a child’s laughter

The urge to protect

These little wings

A sense of security



A child’s wings

And a desire

To see them be

The best wings

And then she says

Protect me for my strength

Not my weakness

(Last 3 lines credit to Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead)


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