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The Fixer

The thought of this topic came from an article I was reading on introvert leadership. The author believes that introverts have the habit of being ‘fixers’. According to her, this helps introverts get out of the social talks and instead focus on helping by being the ‘fixer’.

Hence, Fixer to me stands for people who want to jump in and solve problems. These type of people take ownership but can overwhelm themselves. Reading it I realized, I do this too.

The author cautions that we fixers should be conscious and count on people’s intelligence to solve their issues. Fixers don’t need to jump and solve all the problems and fixers don’t need to undermine people’s capabilities.

I do this both at work and personal life. At work I had a nickname “Urmi knows”. In turn I had created a dependence for others to look to me. It felt good for the ego, believe me, but I had to make a conscious effort to educate and create self-sufficiency.

Everybody likes fixers. They resolve the issues. They do the work. It is a very delicate balance to help fixing issues yet creating self-sufficiency. I believe sometimes fixers just have to learn to delegate, be out of the problem and let the team figure it out for themselves. Maybe they will fail a couple of times but eventually they will learn. Fixers in this case take the role of being teachers.

For non-fixers, I recommend calling us out! Ashna does that all the time. “I can do it Ma” she says. I have to be patient and let her do it. I also have to watch her fail at times and then teach her.

What are your experiences with fixers or as fixers?

Its broken

No worries

I will fix it

You need this

Don’t bother

I will get it

Am I really helping?

Or am I creating unnecessary dependence

Did they try?

or did they simply call the fixer?

This time

I will serve

By creating



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