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The Gratitude Journal

This topic was inspired from the topic Happiness Project and further inspired by my husband Pranav. The thought is that each day you note 3 things you are grateful for and it has to be 3 different things everyday. As you continue to do this, it becomes a habit. Eventually it leads to realization and acknowledgement of our blessings. Pranav is following this advice and has his own Gratitude Journal.

I have tried this mentally (and I need to make it a practice to have my own journal too). Funnily I have to really think before I note the 3 things. The expectations even from a Gratitude Journal are high!

As I snoop and read Pranav’s journal, I am amazed to see how thankful he is for very simple things – a good meal, playful times with Ashna or ever a simple hug or good beer.

The learning for me is the mindfulness of being thankful for the daily, taken for granted things. We don’t have to win a lottery everyday to be thankful! What should I not be grateful for?

I am grateful for

This moment

A quiet morning

This journal

And a hot cup of coffee

I am grateful for

This longing

A deep urge

This curiosity

And chirping birds

I am grateful for

Those tiny hands

Holding me tight

A naughty smile

And a stubborn mind

I am grateful for

Even those unpleasant moments

That remind me

To continue this journey

I am grateful for

You and




I am deeply grateful


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