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The Practice of Forgiveness

Once upon a time there was a teacher – a Tao Guru – and his student. The student had a bad habit of holding grudges against people. The Guru told him to carry a big bag of potatoes for a week. At the end of the week, the student showed up with an aching back and some smelly potatoes. The teacher mentioned that as we carry ill-feelings in our heart, this is what happens. The heart becomes heavy and the conscious self shows signs of staling. The Guru then asked the student if in the past week he had developed any other ill-feelings and the student realized the trap he has built for himself. The art of forgiveness is the trick to break the shackles of ill-feelings.

Luckily, so far, I am blessed to have no major grudges against people. The art of forgiveness is sure easy with minor grudges! However I have seen people up close who hold on to things for such a long time. A wife, separated for the last 20 years, still complaining about her husband. A daughter-in-law, now 70 years old, bringing up grudges against her mother-in-law that are decades old. However, I have also met a person who daily in his prayers thinks about people he may likely hold grudges against and prays for their well-being. He, for sure, is teaching the art of forgiveness.

As someone has said, forgiving somebody is a gift you give yourself. Imagine the purity and peace if we had no bitterness. For that moment that we reminisce about the painful past, we lose this moment too and we lose the chance to be centered.

As I watch myself, I try to reinforce the art of forgiveness. Join me in the effort to master this art!

No complaints

No grudges

No bitterness

It’s all in the past

I have moved on

And so has he

His thoughts…those events

Are just ghosts

Of the past

Claiming my present

I forbid it

I own my present

I choose to forgive

For my sake!


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