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The Unlived Life

This topic was inspired by my favorite TV show Super Soul Sunday. The guest Steve Pressman (author of book The war of Art) was talking about how for every uplifting thought we intrinsically have resistance and overcoming it takes us to a higher plane. These uplifting thoughts, ideas or ventures he describes as “the unlived life” and describes that we all need to take actions against the resistance.

I have been caught in this. Whether its fear or a false sense of responsibility I may limit my dreams. I may limit my idea to what I feel confident about. It’s the “no risk” or “low risk” zone. Then I have the “high risk” zone where I have had crazy or different ideas which needs courage, commitment and common sense to follow through and succeed.

However, I also have a different thought around this. Thinking on just the words “unlived life”, there is a reason why I have chosen to keep the ‘unlived life” unlived.

I feel, where our lives are unlived and we have regrets or potential regrets is where we need to take action. It’s fun to fantasize about unlived life – however, it’s better to jump into the life we are living.

My “unlived” life

And the life I am living

Distinctly different

Carefully created

Quite apart

And yet oh so near

Dreams, fantasies and aspirations


A potential path

And the road I’ve taken

A reason why its ‘unlived’

Yet a hope to reach?


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