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Tough Lives of God

This topic was inspired as I was reading Shrimad Bhagwat, a Hindu scripture. The scripture talks about all 24 incarnations of God and stories of his devotees. As I was looking and contemplating on God’s life in the incarnations it is obvious that these are very tough lives! It’s the same theme if you see Jesus Christ’s life.

Think about Shri Ram and spending 14 years in the jungle fighting demons or Shri Krushna who was attacked by demons when he was a baby or Christ and the crucifixion. Even Gods aren’t spared! Would you like to trade in the life you have for the life of these Gods? In the true sense of love, you would trade in if it relieves your beloved.

Everyone faces tough times in life. Sometimes these are external. We continue to hear news where people flee from a country to avoid violence or poverty. Thankfully all of us in the US or in peaceful countries are blessed and we don’t have to worry that atleast from external circumstances we are not in midst of war or poverty.

Recently, many of my close friends are going through their own tough times either with disease or with death. At such times, I am reminded of devouts of God - specifically Prahalad. He was 5 years old and a strong devout of God. His father opposed his devotion tremendously and tried various methods to get rid of the devotion. When that didn’t work, the father tried to kill Prahaladji. God protected his devout in each of the calamities. Interestingly Prahaladji never asked God for mercy. He never asked Him to save him from misery or harm his father. Prahaladji just continued to chant God’s name. With each calamity, his intensity of devotion increased.

I wonder if I could have kept my devotion intact or blamed God or begged God for mercy. Tough times didn’t sway Prahaladji and rather helped him to be even more focused on God.

For me, it’s a great reminder that everyone faces tough periods in life – whether it’s God or his devotees. With toughness of will, grace of God and steadfast devotion, this too shall pass

A rough day

Tough years


These too shall pass

Steadfast devotion

Strong will

Laser sharp focus

These ….I will bring

Grace &

More Grace

Is all I will need

Let me be centered

Help me increase my intensity

Of devotion

Let tough times

Remind me and lead me

To Thee


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