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Worry-Free diet

The thought was inspired by Swami Yogananda. The message was very timely. My work has been pretty stressful. Thankfully we had a nice vacation planned to Puerto Rico. As I grabbed something to read, I took this pamphlet with the message “Worry Free diet”.

The message is quite simple. As we focus on different diets to reduce weight or gain energy – protein diet, no-carb diet, liquid diet etc, this message is to have a ‘worry free’ diet. Swamiji askes us to do that atleast once a day starting with 30min and during that time, let no worries bother us. No health worries, no work worries, no children’s concerns – simplify a worry free diet.

I tried it and its absolutely wonderful. I didn’t realize how much time I knowingly or unknowingly spent worrying specially about minor things – how will this presentation be received? Will I be able to pick little one on time from daycare? What will the doctor say about this pain? But those 30 min, I have to make a conscious effort and practice to not worry. It feels good. The mind suddenly learns to enjoy the worry- free time! For me, my vacation further helped inculcating it. Now, I have to work on living it daily!

Will you join me in my worry free diet?

No stress

No concerns

No fears

I am on a “Worry-free” diet

This moment

Suddenly alive

Feeling the warmth

Of motherly sea

She kissed my hands

And took my worries

She showered me

With a gift of calm

The "Worry-free" diet

And the bliss of peace

Accepting and enjoying

Life’s gifts


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